November 18, 2009

40oz Bounce

Food for Thought

I've always been a radical at heart. Both my parents were are/were radicals at heart. So it's only right that I am the same way. See why some people pride themselves being the hottest thing..I pride myself on being the next revolutionist. So needless to say...Gil Scott Heron along with the Black Panthers played an intracate part in my upbringing. I always remember hearing "question everything". Gil Scott Heron brings me back to a time when I wasn't born, but was aware of what was going on. Here is one of my favorite poems by him.

Let's Take Some E!

If you don't know now you know...the peanut gallery divas here at CupCakeCity have a ton of love for Joel McHale, from the Soup. He's quite hilarious and if you have never checked it out..."The Soup" comes on Fridays at 10pm eastern time. Well here is a winter/holiday spread that Mr. McHale did for GQ. If I was a man...or IF I had a man...I just might give in and buy some of this fly gear.

November 17, 2009

Funny Ish

I saw this video the other night on the soup and couldn't help but laugh. This little girl was too funny. Check out the video and her reaction.

Jimmy Choo

Well for all you fly fashionistas who dream of rocking Jimmy Choo, but may not have the duckets to splurge on such high priced items. Check out the collaborations that Jimmy Choo did with H&M here are a few of the delectable delights that are going to be available.