March 18, 2009

Greatest Thing EVER!!!

SOOO I'm a huge Sims fan and so is Poon... And after watching ANTM I saw this promo for next mondays One Tree Hill... and i fell out, I have to watch this is gonna be soooo great... I hope the whole episode isnt in Simlish...

March 16, 2009

And The Bitch Please Award of The Month Goes To....

SOOO Everything is out in the open... And as many as you cupcake eaters know I supported Chris Brown for the first 2 and a half weeks, then the pictures of Rihanna came out (like me ya'll was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN B!!!). Then I said now CB you wrong but I wanna hear what you gotta say, then he issued a half ass press release... He beat her ass and its like he show no public remorse... partying in Vegas, jet skiing in Miami... Now they're back together, really, REALLY guys are we gonna do this now...?! So my stand is Bitch Please!! I hope they're dysfunctional and happy, so now I refuse to speak on the issue anymore I'm officially awarding CB and rih rih the Bitch please award of the month...
Regina G

Glad it wasn't me!

So Saturday Poon came to Brooklyn to visit and we shopped and chatted it up and walked the streets of soho... Previously that afternoon my BFF Debbie called me about Americas Next Top Model auditions and begged me to go I said "Eh why not, my sisters and padres say that I'd make a pretty plus sized model". So I told Poon that we should go and have a fab experience. Well that Saturday I got caught up at the hair salon (damn those Dominicans and their awesome blow outs!!)and missed the auditions. But that night I watched the news and saw this H.A.M... really, really ladies... I just gotta shake my head idk if seeing Tyra is worth this... Now Miss J in a high cut one piece bathing suit HELL YES!!!
Regina G

March 1, 2009


damn its been a grip.. but im back. i want to apologize for the dryness not Vaseline! ive been going through so much with the whole job shit and moving out of my apartment.. but i do believe things happen for a reason! right? o well
i must say i had a grand weekend thansk to my twin, her BFF :)! and the troop! but AND THE CAPS START.. IM UP SET... WHY MUST IT KEEP SNOWING!!! I HATE THE DAMN SNOW.. and thnx to mother nature i couldn't move today! ohh fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good nite everyone :)