November 28, 2008

RI-RI is that you ma?



this is top of the Line really!
carl save me a seat!!



these two boys have to be the funniest. i was peeping travies blog and i came across this and went to their website
the website is filled with hip hop sketch comedies!

Gym Class Superheroes from jeff on Vimeo.

Eric and J.. will you marry me??

love ya girl Key!


November 25th was my birthday
thank you mommy and daddy for getting it in a couple of times that cold ass febuary night! ohhh the torture.

this was @ midnight!! good looks to the roommates!

X-SQUARED is here to STAY

the newest sneaker store has come into ply with the big dogs!! Xsquared is a new store that opened in BOSTON on the Famous NewBury street across the street from Nike-town. i call that great competition!!! XSquared has joined the forces with Karmaloop, Urban outfitters, johnny cupcakes and Nike Town. talk about one stop shopping.

the store was created by the man who started up Expressions.. and for those of you who do not live in Boston.. Expressions is like a Dr Jays or a Jimmy jazz for Bostonians.

with two floors your bound to have a leather smelling orgasm. the store comes with sneakers, the hottest tees, hoodies and other grand shit! located @ 209 Newbury St, between Exeter and Fairfield (above Betsy Johnson); Boston; 617.424.0500

check it out
Love ya Girl Key

shouts out to Female Sneaker Fiend!!!


I LOVE YOU CHARLIE BROWN.. this is the shit that makes me feel good on the insides.. this and tom and jerry!!!

November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Homie

Happy Birthday to my left hand man poon-tanya.... I love you.... and this special clip is for you.... MUAH!!!!

November 21, 2008

Air Yeezy’s

WHere are you Yeezy?? the master has done it again. Kanye West has been working with nike to create new sneakers called Nike Air Yeezy!!! and they are certifiable bangers!if i see a dude rocking these.. i might give him my number if he rock them right.. matter fact they would look better on me! ahhhh this has sent major excitement in my body! these beauties are rumored to be released in spring of 2009.

and heres a video snippet-




"i could of been in love by now.. if it wasn't for T.O.N.Y"

man! i love this song , this is my favorite song off of her album,, and i must admit i have a weakness for ms Knowles. she is very talented and most of the songs from her album she wrote. this song speaks to me on so many different levels.. smh! excuse me im having a moment {BRB}..... ok im back! the video is pretty cool.. its a little confusing at the beginging but the video is really good and you finally know what T.O.N.Y. Stands for.

PPS the very very delicious Kid Cudi has a short cameo!

--ya gurl key

November 20, 2008


ahhhhhhhhhhhh i am at peace!!! and i am very happy! December 31, 2008!!! they will arrive! and yes, twin , my little brother and i will be in that over night line. now usually im not one to wait in lines but im a sneaker fanatic and this is a must have. i wish i could get married in a pair of crisp Jordan's! Rapper Nelly helped design the new sneaker adding the funky new colors black, purple, green and white! these bad boys are going for $175 a pop.. and well worth it, thank god i wear boys sneakers and the smaller sizes are cheaper! lol ahhh man! im starting a collection right now.. feel free to add money!

- ya gurl key



K&M Bar
225 North 8th St. @ Roebling
Williamsburg, Brooklyn


-ya gurl key


im officially jealous! like dammit this has to be one of the greatest freestyles i have ever seen.. they took it back to the cypher! so amazing. im speechless at the moment.. De La ... NAS.... Mos.. Kanye... Will i am... on one stage!!! all they were missing was Shawn Corey and Tip!! this has made my day and of course it was at a G.O.O.D music after party--- enjoy man

-ya gurl key

November 19, 2008

Wait I'm Sorry

Wait... I wanna know what club is this... was it a packed club? and who's taking this photo and let her pose like this... I bet this is the same kinda girl that will complain men don't respect her... (Side-eye)... Please I can't deal with this anymore, the fuckery is too much... So please feel free to comment, I want to know what you guys think about this picture... Cuz I give up... We gotta do better!!

Regina G


rihanna arriving in NYC... burrrrr its cold

nice scarf boo! but wheres chris.. sigh!
owell.. will you still marry me??

--ya girl key

Queen B

MAMA B is Back.. and honestly this makes me excited.... in my private parts

its brittney biotch

these are clips from the new upcoming documentry coming out by who else.. MTV!!! i cant wait. im happy to seee MAMA B!!!

--ya gurl key

November 17, 2008


introducing.. my new bestfriend.. LMAOOO this dude is something else,, ladies take notes,, and some of you fellas.. ummhmmm you know who you are.. SMH

November 15, 2008


him and Wayne went in hard for this mix tape

Young Money, Dirty Money Lets go!! My dude Jae Millz, Drake and Nicki Minaj was Giving it up EARLY!! my personal Fav # 20 and #4

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 3

if you didn't get it.. cop it and don't bootleg it either !!!

-- Ya Gurl Key

PPS. dont sleep on Aubrey Grahm.. hes a problem.. and has been for years!!! WAKEUP


check him out.. he def brings the LOL's

Dirth Angel does Broadway

honestly i thought everyone was kidding when they said Jimmy Jones was putting on his own production called "inside the mind of Jim Jones"
honestly i have no words... how about you??

November 14, 2008

is he 21 yet

ummmmm .. ok im focus. i was watching my favorite show.. ENTOURAGE and i almost fell out of bed when i seen this scene. Lil Bow wow is that you?? awwwh man i love love love this scene. does that make me a pervert.. ummm yes it does!! what can i say. im not the biggest fan of bow wows but Shade def got my approval. i sure hope he stops rapping and sticks to acting.. maybe we can do a sex scene together.. in the future. Shade.. holla @ ya girl.
ps. i love Seth green!


--ya girl key


i want to be just like Alexyss K. Tylor when i grow up. :) i love people from Atlanta.. so damn raw (shout out to sexxie lexxie)Alexyss is of the hook. she reminds me of... me.. duh this clip she is interviewing a paralyzed man named Duke aka 8inchs who lovesss to have sex :) for all you dudes you complain about going on more then 10 mins.. sit back and take notes.. ya dig! penis implant to the rescue.!!! enjoy fuckers

--ya girl key


Bey made an appearance on Oprah this week.. and just like Oprah i to wanted to know Beys and jays fav Position.. ugggh why is she so damn private!! damnitttttttttttttttttttt. i must say Ms creole looked very nice.. is it me or does it seem like every time Bey Bey has an album coming out she washes over everyone.. WTF happened to Michelle Williams and Solange??? damn she sucks the life out of everyones Career!!!

--ya girl key


I was introduced to the Twilight Series this pass summer and I must admit that those books are amazing. I'm not really into the vampire genre of reading but after reading these 4 books I was in love with Bella and Edward. Now in exactly one weeks time Summit Productions will be releasing the first book in theaters starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I've seen the trailers and all the promos going on and I'm excited (such a dork). Its already becoming a phenomenon, with books, t-shirts, posters, jewelry, calendars, and perfume... I believe its gonna be as big (if not bigger) than Harry Potter... I am promoting this movie because it has everything, action, and romance... and if you're a fast reader head on down to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Twilight by Stephanie Meyers you won't be sorry... November 21st 2008 Twilight hits theaters...
Regina G

Throwback Video of the Day

Hey Cupcake addicts.... The year is 1997 I was 13 years old, just graduated junior high, and was running the streets of Brooklyn being the badass that I am... I love this song because in '97 I was a fast ass... :) So sit back and relax and enjoy "My Love is The SHHH...!"

Regina G

November 13, 2008

#1 Accessory for Fall

Everyone has one.... I bet you know at least 5 people who are pregnant, had a baby, or is thinking about it... And if you don't have one what are you waiting for, babies solve all your problems... they make your job hunt go faster, cuz for some reason, companies love mommies... They also improve your credit score, having a baby boosts your credit by at least 100 points... And the most important thing is your baby daddy will "put a ring on it"...
Wake the hell up ppl, even though they are precious and adorable, I treat babies like an incurable STD.... its not like baby-sitting, you can't give them back, babies will change your life dramatically and the majority of the time not for the better...
If you think that having a baby will make the father stick around, think again, most of these dudes out here have no shame and will be quick to deny your baby and leave you high and dry, I've seen it happen... if he was sketchy and barely around, and cheating on you before you got pregnant what makes you think a baby will change his way, matter of fact that's more reason to wrap it up!!

Damn girls are treating babies like they're a handbag and will go fabulous with a pair of strappy croc Jimmy Choo's, sorry they don't... most new mothers will tell you that its extremely hard to hang out with your friends, and go clubbing when you have a 6 month old screaming their head off because a new tooth is ripping through their soft flesh. And besides why would your friends want to hang with you on a regular basis anymore? to watch you change diapers or bitch about the low-down dude that don't do jack for you or his seed? I think not!

Having a baby won't make you popular, it make you more lonely that ever before, so please wrap it up, its not hard...
Just remember baby vomit doesn't come out of a silk Christian Lecroix dress... Til next time Cupcake Lickers...
Regina G

Shoe Orgasm

I love heels they are the epitome of sexy!!! Although I don't wear them all the time, I love them the can make an outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary. When I saw these DSquared I had an orgasm, no lie full on I'm scratching the shit out of your back because I have the hit the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro! So dear Santa if you're out there trying to think of what to get me for my Birthday/Christmas these pumps in a size 7 please!

Love always

the sexpot known as lexxie ;)

Case of "I'm mad that it's over!!!!"

This picture here speaks for itself, it needs no explaination.

A man or woman defaced this car because______________________________________. (insert your answer)

have a great day cupcakers!!!!
love ms. lexxie

November 12, 2008

I blame Beyonce

There is now an abundance of "Single Ladies" video on youtube... some good, some bad...
Please for the sake of my bladder ppl, stop making Beyonce dance videos... BUT WAIT my question is when did ya'll find the time to sit and learn the damn dance, personally I've seen the actually video in its entirety only twice.... SMDH... I can't deal... But please enjoy this lovely video... I found that this one hurt my head...

Regina G

Throwback Video of the Day!

The year was 1991, it was summertime I was 8 years old... I was living in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, sitting on my stoop when my best friend since pre-K comes outside and said you gotta hear this song by Hi-Five "Kissing Game (I Like the Way)"... instant love, this has been one of my favorite songs for years. Leave a comment, let us know how old you were and where you were in the summer of 1991...
Regina G

Oh Lindsay

I guess the white media is making a big stink about Lindsay using the term colored when asked about the outcome of the Presidential election... when I watched the clip I didn't feel as though she said it to be racist or start a firestorm.... it seemed to me that she couldn't find a better term (even though African American and black works great *rolls eyes*)... Now Lindsay is a big Obama supporter, but my question to all of our readers is, are you offended by Lindsay saying 'colored', or is the white media just trying to overcompensate by attacking her? I have yet to see or read any other black blogs make a big deal out of it, even MediaTakeOut (eye twitches) isn't making a deal about it, and you already know they like to find drama in a grain of rice. Leave us some feedback.
Regina G

Prove Me Wrong

Good afternoon cupcake lickers.... Everyone who is a Brooklyn native, knows that the Notorious movie comes out in theaters on January 16th 2009, and I for one will be in there showing my support. Now most of the cast members are up and coming black actors, including Biggie's son, who I hear does an amazing job playing his father. But wat worried me in the beginning was Naturi Naughton from the original 3LW is playing Kimberly 'Lil Kim' Jones. Now I remember Naturi, being on the darker end of the African American race I was happy to see someone my age doing their thing in the business, who looked like me. When I heard she was playing Lil Kim I had some reservations because I didn't think she fit the mold, and I also wonder is she a good actress, will she be able to portray Lil Kim back in the day?
But I must say that Ms. Naturi may prove us (me) wrong, I got a peek at the new cover of KING magazine and she's in her full Lil Kim character and I must say, she looks good and will do Lil Kim justice, I hope she's a better actress then the "others" from 3LW (GROWL POWER!!)... So I'm promoting along with Key Key, you must go out Friday January 16th 2009 and watch the NOTORIOUS movie...
Regina G

November 11, 2008


Isn't this picture unique and super duper pretty!!!! That's how I am feeling today!!!
muchos besos

Does age really matter???

Hey fellow CupCakers is the one and only Ms. Lexxie checking in and I have a question for all you lovely people out there....what is the deal with older men dating younger women and vice versa? I came across an article this morning about a certain entertainer who was speaking about her relationship with an older gentleman and I couldn't help but notice some of the comments that people made about the age difference. Some people were talking about the man was a pervert, that he was stealing her youth, etc. I couldn't help but think, is there something mentally wrong when a young woman pursues an older man, is there something that she is looking? The same question applies to young men who go after older women, and vice versa when it comes to older men or women actively perusing young men or women? I don't see anything wrong with it as long as both people are stable and happy, speaking from experience, it was an interesting experience. Older men seem to be more in tuned with themselves as well as the female body, I guess because they have had so much experience. Also he was mature no pun intended lol! But I want some of you all feed back on this topic.

love the one and only
Ms. Lexxie!


no words.... just drool.. please SILENT!!! STFU do not blow mines..... i need silence for this one...

MEGAN GOOD gentlemen and some of you ladies... ummmhmm

--ya girl key

November 10, 2008

OMG thank you FOX

Lexxie, Poon... get ready.... theres a Family Guy spin-off...

How F***ing awesome is this...
PS... why does a family of bears live next door....

Regina G


*sighs* I can't... this whole "leggings as pants" thing is cool... it's ok... but there are some rules u must follow...

1) Make sure the top your wearing is long enough to cover your ass... plzz

2) Tights are NOT leggins

3) Not everyone can rock tights as pants look... figure out if you can... if not throw on a dress over them leggins

4) OPAQUE.... now when you're shopping for leggins you must remember that, tights are not meant to be worn as pants. Tights are under garments that should be worn under a dress, which is why they're thinner and cheaper than tights... if you MUST wear tights (for watevr reason) plzz make sure your top/dress is long enough and the type you purchase says, OPAQUE

And for those of you that don't know, Opaque means, something difficult to see through...
Regina G

Lexxie u need to come stunt on some of these girls...

I love the mini dress craze just like anyone.... and cupcake divas have the bomb legs to put it off... but ma if ur legs look like my bedroom window on a rainy day plzz... STOP... think about it and throw on some sheer tights and/or a longer dress...
PS... no one can wear the hell out of a mini dress like lexxie

Regina G

This One is For POON!!!

OMG Poon, this is for u... I have no words... lmaoooooooooooooo

Regina G

Question of the week...

Hey my luvs, it is I Regina George... Now I come home from work Saturday night and decided to settle in with some Degrassi, when all of a sudden this PSA comes on. Now the phrase "That's so gay" is cemented into my vocab (sorry, but it just is), and watching this made me feel like I was being prejudice against LBGTs... but I'm not since 99.999999% of my friends are either gay or bi... They themselves say "that's so gay"... my thing is if the group of ppl you hang out with say then watev say it...
But alas i must digress, someone brought up the good point of the phrase "that's so ghetto"... I say this phrase too, HELL Paris f***ing Hilton said it at one point, the difference is I don't get offend by the phrase "that's so ghetto" cuz damn it maybe having 3 kids and one on the way but yet you still in the club with a drink in your hand IS MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD ghetto...
So when I see the hottest man walking down the street carrying the YSL downtown PVC tote with perfectly smoothed down baby hair, I will say under my breath "that is sooo gay" but I will love it, because lord knows I'm the biggest tangy luver... (shout out to all my gay male friends love u boo-boo)...
Well maybe the difference between my "so gay" and theirs is, I'm not usually describing something dumb or stupid, but damn something is actually GAY!!

Regina G

Love Her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for y'all who don't know I'm from Atl!!! Born and partly raised and I will always consider myself a Georgia no matter what city I live in, I put on for my city!!!! My mom got me into watching the first season of Real Housewives: Orange County. When I heard they were doing a Real Housewives Atlanta I nearly had an orgasm that's how excited I was. I'm pretty sure that most of you all know the premise of the show and I am going to skip through all of that. Let's talk about my favorite housewife Linnethia "NeNe" Leakes that's right I love me some Nene just like Anderson Cooper aka the Silver Fox he love him some NeNe too! There are so many reasons why I love her, she's real, she's hella funny, her gay bff is FABULOUS honey. Out of all the housewives she's the only one who keeps it real 24/7 and that's why I love Nene!!!!

You better work it!!!

Hey my fellow cupcakers its the one and only Ms. Lexxie finally checking in hehe! So I came across this video and thought "everyone needs a healthy chuckle this morning" so here it is!!!! Enjoy it!!!

love always
sexxie lexxie

November 9, 2008


is it me or does it seem like if you work for Disney, your naked pictures end up on the web or your in a sex tape or your just plain crazy. WTF is Disney putting in the children's food on set. first Brittney the queen of all fuck ups, then Miley Sirus has 20, 00 naked pictures of herself, Vaness Hugness gpt her Va Jay JAy all over the internet and now little Adrien Bailon from the Cheetah girls and also a member of the coolest girl groups from the 90s, 3LW. smh she claims her pictures , which were on her laptop , were stolen while she was at JFK airport in NYC. the reported person who stole it was some man who tried to black mail her. Adrien is engaged to Kim Kardashian's little hot brother Robert Kardashian. poor thing. she took these pictures as a anniversary gift for her boo! damn whos next.. Raven! i hope so :)


Dear Kid Cudi=

will you marry me? its fine we can have an open marriage, its totally fine with me.. just as long as we can smoke a good one right before bed.. day and night!
in all seriousness this dude is the business, besides being hot he has gave me hope about hip hop. being signed to G.0.0.D MUSIQ REcord label you can expect the best.. ahem im talking about Common and Kanye West. he is definitely the man on the moon!!

make sure you pick up the new copy of XXL with him and the 10 freshmen on the cover. shout out to Asher Roth!!!

-ya girl key