January 29, 2009


Ok so I will admit it I have a crush on Q-Tip something about his voice and aura that makes my special spot happy! Here's a great track off his new album "The Renassiance" produced by the late great J.Dilla. If you don't know who J.Dilla then shame on you. All I have to say is that he's your favorite producers producer! If you can guess what 70's song was sampled for the beat then you will get a gold star from your's truly!


Dirty Mind

Hey Cupcake Lickers, it's the one and only ms. lexxie checking in. I was in LA last week on a business trip and here is one of the random shot that I took with my phone. I had fun while I was there, I had a great opportunity to do some major networking. But anyways on the way there they served some snacks. While eating my chips I just had to take a pic of one them......

Something about Terra Blue Chips make me smile!!!!!!




January 27, 2009


they call me ho.. they call me stacy.. thats not my name!!!

i want to lick her.....FACE!!!

I CAME... AND THE WENT T BED!! goodnight

hip hop ya dont stop

one of the dopest groups has made the dopest song and video! its such a masterpiece.. at least i think so :)

check check check it out ladies an gentlemen.. enjoy

one of the coolest out this far


there back like the never left boy,,,

this is the new picture on NO DOUBT'S website!! yes fuckers they are back and this summer they will be touring with group Paramore. can some one say AMAZING. i jumped up and down when i herd the news.. i started foaming from the mouth, the group last went on tour together in 2004. :) :) :) MY FAVORITE !!! who wants to go with me??

currently listening to : IM JUST A GIRL

Random Videos

Hey Hey fellow cupcakers it's the one and only ms. lexxie checking in I know it's been a while since I have posted anything! I've been super busy with work, life etc. I'm back!!! I'm home sick today with a cold, I hate being sick it's no fun! I hate the fact that I can't breathe through my nose, my throat is yucky and my sinus is killing me! So I'm bed with all the meds to help me get better, and a gallon of orange juice!! Anyways I'm browsing youtube and I come across this video which y'all have probably seen before! But I felt like posting it anyway! So enjoy!!

and here's another one.........

both of these videos tickle my fancy but the Indian version takes the cake!

January 22, 2009

do i bore you?

im starting to think im boring!! i know im a geek and nerd but who knew... i could make some one fall asleep. i mean besides the fact that he was blunted.. this is comedy listen to him as he snores his little life away.. and then gets upsets when i wake him

do i bore you? from Key Key Boom Boom on Vimeo.

how me look?

$ 150 bones for these bad boys
Nike Pendleton Blazer
via Urban Outfitters

random shit

random picture ... watching the inauguration via CNN.com , the tv just wasnt enough for me
peep the MISSBEHAVE background.. cheaaa


RIP lover

January 21, 2009


History books in 2 years: (via Katy Perry)

TODAYS A NEW DAY.. it dose not matter who you voted for, what your beliefs are.. its over Barack is your president! now i pray and hope every one does their part and stand behind this man... i know i am! he makes me want to help and do something i just have no idea what but going to d im o something dammnit!

January 19, 2009


even google showed love today!!

DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR WOULD BE 80 YEARS OLD TODAY! he had a dream and i must say it has come true! it some what bothers me to know that our ancestors had fought so damn hard for our rights and some people still choose to act a fool! but i am proud to say i am alive to be part of history and i am also blessed to be sharing this moment with my Great Grand Mother! THANK GOD OL MIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST!

January 18, 2009


wish some one would invent a got damn time machine already so i can go back and go to MONTARAY and BANG JIMI HENDRIX!!! yes i said it!! now what son??

My New best Friend..... ChYna TeLL UM


and again.... LOL i do not need to say any thing about this... but i will say this.. Chyna boo Muahzzz your such a sweetie... nice talking to you :)


so the funniest thing happened to me yesterday at work. yesterday while i was at work being annoyed with my boss and the people who bothered me, i walked by an office where my district manager was having phone sex! ok she wasn't but who knows what she was doing in that office. she looked suspect! she says to me "hey i just wanted to let you know you can take Monday off............Martin Luther king day, take that day off" i have never had that said to me and i first i was like wait what but then i said to myself.... they probably think i a going to sue them! i wouldn't but that would be funny... so i am enjoying my extra day off thanks to my looser job!

one luv


ive been following suicidegirls.com for 3 years now and they never fail to amaze me, so i thought i would share these pictures with you! its beautiful i have an obsession with tattoos and wild looking people! whoop whoop

January 17, 2009

commercial crack 1

this damn commercial gets on my nerves... but its fucking hilarious

awwwwh man here goessss....

can you beat that?


Untitled from Key Key Boom Boom on Vimeo.

smack the bitch in the face;
take her Gucci bag and the North Face
off her back, jab her if she act
funny with the money oh you got me mistaken honey
I don't wanna rape ya, I just want the paper
The Visa, kapeesha? I'm out like, "The Vapors"
Who's the one you call Mr. Macho, the head honcho
Swift fist like Camacho, I got so
much style I should be down wit the Stylistics
Make up to break up
niggaz need to wake up
Smell the indonesia; beat you to a seizure
Then fuck your moms, hit the skins til amnesia
She don't remember shit! Just the two hits!
Her hittin the floor, and me hittin the clits!
Suckin on the tits! Had the hooker beggin for the dick
And your moms ain't ugly love; my dick got rock quick
I guess I was a combination of House of Pain and Bobby Brown
I was "Humpin Around" and "Jump-in Around"
Jacked her then I asked her who's the man; she said, "B-I-G"
Then I bust in her E-Y-E


can i lick you??

this ladies... and some of you boys. is singer Kylie Manouge sexy ass model boyfriend. he is truly delicious and has no shame!

what was disney thinking?

now im starting this new segment called "what was disney thinking" because i came to a realization that the creators from the 50's and 60's that created these movies were on LCD! and this is why when i first seen this when i was little i was so freaked out! im no fan of cats and this made it worse........... but i will say this the beat is sick! enjoy


mannn what a miracle. the other morning when i was waiting for Maury to come on... a breaking news story came on TV. BREAKING NEWS UNITED AIRLINE PLANE HAS CRASH IN HUDSON RIVER IN NEW YORK CITY" now at this moment i had no idea what i was thinking i was just concerned. now being a scaredy cat of heights and planes... i must say the first words uttered from my mouth was "see this is that bull shit. this is why i do not fly" apparently the flight from La Guardia airport to Charlotte, North Carolina, which was carrying 155 people had landed on the river on that horrid freezing day.... but thanks to this guy

this turned out like this....

being an ex glider pilot, which means he has experience with landing planes on water, himself and all other passengers survived! im just happy that it was in day time and every one was alive... but my view still stands.. i hate flying and now i hate geese

Baby GirL

January 16, 2009 marks the date that AALIAYH turns 30!!! happy birthday baby girl you are truly and dearly missed
heres one of my favorite Aaliyah joints!

January 13, 2009

0 town

6 more days.. aheemmm

JUMP OFF joe breezy- jerseys finest

soooo i have a new obsession! hi my name is key key and i am obsessed with JOE BUDDEN TV! yes i admit it! im gone! yo i swear he needs his own show on tv! man joe makes me laugh.. and you the saying "if you can make a girl laugh you can make her do any thing" im even quoting this dude.. he so personable and i always feel like hes talking to me.. his voice makes me excited in my pants! and every one loves his girl! check joe out at joebuddentv.com or if your a youtube fein like me you can just type in joe budden tv and he will come up.. heres a new jump of hoe for the new year.. PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE.. enjoy..

heres another fav of mines

this brings the lol's

man it feels good to be a gangster

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck shit ballls! im so damn pissed. well first you should know.. i hate my job!!! like hate it, and every where i go it seems to follow me,,, not so much hate my job.. i dislike the people who i work with! they all seem so fake. every one at work is all buddy buddy hey lets go get shit faced after work type people. dont get me wrong theres a few people i get a long with but then theres that bunch i hate! aka my superior! so yesterday I WAS WRITTEN UP!!! little ol me! awwwwh man im pissed because no one at work communicates with me they all assume shit and worse part like a fuck face i signed the paper! why did i do it? why was i written up you ask?? who fucking knows but i tell you this they can all suck a big mean one!! oh dear god i pray i dont go postal in that bitch!

lol so last night i was so pissed i got cooked and watched one of my favorite movies "office space" if you haven't seen it please help your self and enjoy the comedy. and this scene explains my feelings.. enjoy lovers

January 11, 2009

how about those steelers.....

ahhhhhhhhhhhh so its sunday ... and today was a special day! yes it was the golden globes... but it was the damn playoffs today! and i am not please! the number 1 seat the freaking GIANTS ( my fav team) lost to the eagles! the damn eagles beat the giants. the crushed them.. 23(eagles) - 11(giants) bloody hell! they were oh so close. but i am proud of them! after wining the super bowl last year they proved to everyone they were number one. in better news the steelers won today ( yes brian... they won!!!) and in other news..... I WANT TO HUMP TROY POLAMALU!!! I mean wouldn't you...

whatever... the season is over for the giants.. which means now when i go clubbing ill bump into one of them and i hope its not Plax! ha
back to watching the golden globes peace fuckers

January 7, 2009

jigga what

1:30 this morning .. and i cant sleep. im watching the carson daily show and he has a segment of ish he found via the web... and what do i do u ask??? i google these things. ladies an gentlemen i present you with JAYDIOHEAD!! its the best damn thing, its a dope playlist mixed of tracks of JAY Z AND RADIO HEAD.. and im in love

Jaydiohead :: Jay-Z x Radiohead

also check out

dont say i didnt hook you up!

STUff white people like # 2

#2 religions-that-their-parents-dont-belong-to:

"White people will often say they are “spiritual” but not religious. Which usually means that they will believe any religion that doesn’t involve Jesus. Popular choices include Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah and, to a lesser extent, Scientology. A few even dip into Islam, but it’s much more rare since you have to give stuff up and actually go to Mosque. Mostly they are into religion that fits really well into their homes or wardrobe and doesn’t require them to do very much."

straight from the funniest blog ever


remember when the maury show was alll candy and gum drops and shows like this existed......

and this....

classic! i remember feigning to come home from school to watch jenny and ricki....
go ricki go ricki
i must say this fuckery has been going on before our time. and it seems like it will never stop.

ahhh i wonder where are these whores now?

song in my head

You can't win
You can't break even
And you can't get out of the game
People keep sayin'
Things are gonna change
But they look just like they're staying the same
You get in
Way over your head
And you've only got yourself to blame

You can't win, chile
You can't break even
And you can't get out of the game

You can't win
The world keeps movin'
And you're standin' far behind
People keep sayin'
Things 'll get better
Just to ease your state of mind
So you lay back
And you smoke that smoke
And you drink your glass of wine

sung by Mike Jackson in my favorite movie.... THE WIZ
i feel like this this.. right about now! FUCK

January 2, 2009


How do i say this ... ummmm

well a month ago i was watching BBC ( the best channel in the world) and a documentary came on. i was stunned and glued to the TV.. i mean i am always but this time was different.. well ill let you watch it for yourself....

video 1

video 2

its just amazing! weird .. but some what interesting. it started as a passion for a women who had 7 miscarriages. now its the biggest thing world wide. so big these babies go for about 1500$$. i don't judge and to each its own. i dont have that maternal gene nor do i know what its like to want a baby so bad. but i will say this.. this shit is real!! so after i was finish watching this segment it got me thinking about something....


oh so its a new day.

Merry New Year Everyone ahh another year gone. sigh. damnit its 2009 where does the time go?? i swear it was just 1996!! and everyone makes all these resolutions. i guess i should to. im not a fan of them because i feel like if you want to make a change it shouldn't be December 31st, but i guess one can argue (Corey) and say its a great time to reflect.. sure! to THE GYM I GO. CHEERIO .

Merry new year from Princess and i!.