January 17, 2009


mannn what a miracle. the other morning when i was waiting for Maury to come on... a breaking news story came on TV. BREAKING NEWS UNITED AIRLINE PLANE HAS CRASH IN HUDSON RIVER IN NEW YORK CITY" now at this moment i had no idea what i was thinking i was just concerned. now being a scaredy cat of heights and planes... i must say the first words uttered from my mouth was "see this is that bull shit. this is why i do not fly" apparently the flight from La Guardia airport to Charlotte, North Carolina, which was carrying 155 people had landed on the river on that horrid freezing day.... but thanks to this guy

this turned out like this....

being an ex glider pilot, which means he has experience with landing planes on water, himself and all other passengers survived! im just happy that it was in day time and every one was alive... but my view still stands.. i hate flying and now i hate geese

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Super Woman said...

Lmao @ And Now I Hate Geese, I REFUSE to travel long distances UNLESS its on an airplane.