April 30, 2009

R.I.P Bea Arthur!

The Golden Girls is one of my favorite shows on tv. Even though I think I have seen every episode, I still laugh as if though it was my first time! Here's a little clip from on the best shows ever to be created.

Good Music

I've always had a thing for music that makes me want to pop my booty (you can blame the southern heat for making me that way, or jack Daniel...the choice is yours) lol! But I've always loved me some Playa, however Static Major always reminded me of prince's long lost love child Devante from Jodeci! Too bad Static's life was cut short. Here's a gem from the uber talented producer/songwriter!


April 29, 2009

When your career goes sour... get back with your ex

after being split up for a few months, the couple decided to give it another try.. this is what Travis told the Sun news paper “The break-up sucked. We’re back together now. I keep thinking about if I had to go through it again and how shitty it would be. We were moving way too fast. I was being juvenile about the entire thing. Now it’s easy breezy. I’m happy and in love. I’m just enjoying the way things are right now”

April 27, 2009


Memories, I was on youtube looking for some random video my cousin was telling me about....and I came across this random videos from Freak Nik in Atl circa 1998....man it brought back memories...drunk fights....girls randomly booty popping...Lil' Jon blasting...just a wonderful time....but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end!

New Shit

Don't you dare judge me, but I am in love with Diddy's new single "Diddy Bop". If you haven't heard it by now then you are probably living under a rock! My bff knows how to bring that dopeness to the masses (cause in my mind we party and bullsh*it all the time)...enjoy!


signing off that bad ass from atl
sexxie lexxie

Music Videos!

yesterday I saw this video, and could not help but laugh....my twin and I was talking about how we were such bad boy fans back in the day....all though secretly we still...none the less here is a gem from the cocky one aka my best friend aka pretty boy from Harlem Diddy feat. Mase....Enjoy!

April 24, 2009


I am a shoe fanatic and when I came across these Prozena Schouler shoes my mouth dropped, to me they are hot sex on a platter! Every woman should own a pair of nude pumps and these kiddies are a pair that should be in every fly girl's closet!

signing off
sexxie lexxie


April 23, 2009


something about this picture gives me the LOL's.. i have a one tracked mind obviously.... lmao i wonder who built this.. this is a statue in China! pretty cool. it was so cool i posted it on my girl tellys twitter page muauahahahahahah

Funny Sh*t

I love youtube, you can always find the most the most silliest, funniest obscene things on there. Here's a gem from John Witherspoon. Enjoy cupcakers!

Dear Marc Jacobs
You are a creative genius! I've been in love you, since you took over as creative director at Louis Vuittion back in 1997! Once again you have stolen my heart with another creative bag. Why Marc, why must you torture me with such devastating beauty?

Love your number one fan
Sexxie Lexxie


one thing that gets my panties in a bunch and gets me all tingly in the inside is a man in some good ol supreme. i myself am a supreme cliental..MMMMMM check out the spring/summer 09 collection.. supreme makes me cum! DONT JUDGE ME!

April 22, 2009

Sweet Soul Music!

I've always loved GOOD MUSIC and I must say this is a gem that has been slept on by the masses...can't believe this song is almost 10 years old...none the less it's still a classic to me..."do you like how it feels when I smoke you out, head down to your toes?" Enjoy GOOD MUSIC lovers!

when your career goes sour... shave your head

call me crazy but i like Cassie's new hair cut. i mean yea sure she prob shaved her head because know one was paying her any mind for being diddys side thing.. but hey! i mean shes not the first and def not the last to do it! i know alot of people voiced their opinions via twitter. lol

hmmm i wonder will her album sell now.. smh i tell ya fucking for beats its the new sensation!! smh/p>

IS IT ME OR.......

or do i smell a copy cat? idk im just saying

you be the judge!!!


happy earthday !!! today is the day we show love to mother earth. so how about you not be a lazy fucker.. and actually recycle! the animals and creatures would be so grateful now im off to plant some seeds.. and sing Mike Jackson's "save the world.. make it a better place.. blah bah blah blah blah blah lol.

when your career goes sour... suck a d***



oooooooo000ooo Chilllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeee

Early Summer Kicker

check out my boys J0els shindig.. i mean people he said 40's on him!!! ill be toasting St Inez in the heights!!!!!!

you might be a groupie!

I came across the from another blog and I just had to repost it lmao lmao....shout outs to Aries Jones my fellow ATLien!

I'm quickly learning that rappers and celebrities aren't the only people that can receive groupie love. Even your average everyday Joe can get the attention of groupies. The trick is being able to distinguish one's groupie from genuine fans. The word groupie has been defined as a person who seeks sexual and/or emotional intimacy with a celebrity or other authority figure. Therefore, in terms of everyday life, I would define a groupie as someone who seeks the company and /or companionship with a person of high reputation. For example, the hot girl on campus would be considered a person of high reputation and the people who make it their mission to see her or be seen with her would be her groupies.

Be careful not to mistake a groupie for a fan and vice versa. A groupie wants to be around someone because of their status but a true fan wants to be around someone because they're genuinely interested in who they are. A fan doesn't care about your reputation or level of popularity.

The one time a fan can be considered a groupie is when their feelings are not returned by the person they admire. Most groupies find it hard to read the signs when someone is trying to show that they aren't interested. They confuse being annoying with being persistent. Constantly calling, texting, instant messaging, facebook wall writing, and poking are some of the groupie's main displays of annoyance.

Here are what I believe are a few criterion that can identify someone as a groupie:
1. If you're always the first one to make contact, you MIGHT be considered a groupie.
2. If you find yourself sending messages and never getting a response, you MIGHT be considered a groupie.
3. If you're more excited to see them then they are to see you, you ARE a groupie.
4. If you feel like you have to wait in line to get to the one you admire, you're PROBABLY a groupie.

April 20, 2009

For The Ladies.. whoop whoop

we blow it down like the big bad wolf

Happy 4/20 my twiggas haha... blow it down for me :)
dont worry.... i shall to0

April 19, 2009


thanks MEL :)
twin we got it!!!

April 17, 2009


this is random but since we was talking about sex and porn.. why not enjoy

WHEN your bored with doing porn.. just rap!

so as you may know maybe you don't i am a porn watcher! DONT JUDGE ME!! porn's great and there are actually loads of women who watch it more then men well ne-who a fav porn star of mines by the name of PINKY was in boston today.. randomly. she was promoting because she's throwing a party in Providence. i swear P-town(not the one in the cape) gets it poppin.. anyways i was on one of my favorite websites and i noticed a little video with a very familiar name in the title. BRAIN PUMPER!! now if you watch porn or know any thing about porn.. Brian is the sexy hot dude who looks just like Llyod banks. awhile back there was a rumor that Llyod banks made a gay porn.. but then it came out that it was Brian.. but in all actuality its a gay porn star names Ty Lattimore... but thats besides the point. so we all know rick ross has beef with 50( i love when he says MONKEEEEEY) and i guess ricky went after Llyod saying he mad gay porn.. but i have no idea how brian got involved.. well this is what brian had to say.. smh ps hes fucking hot

pps.. i hope the rest of the porn stars.. never attempt to rap!!


As usually I was having another hilarious conversation with my twin...."you look like can cook" we both start laughing uncontrollably as we reminisced over memories of one the nights we decided to paint the town black! The game that men try to spit it unbelievable, but that's what a guy who we shall "Krazzzy" said to my twin. The conversation goes on and my twin says "some dude once told me I looked like a freak" once again the laughter ensued. She asked him how was that possible he said "I can tell, just by looking into your eyes." I told my twin "that's why I wear shades!" Once again we started laughing, but I told her it's true.
Eyes are the gate way to the soul! Eyes have a way of telling what you're really thinking. Diddy (in my mind we are bff's and we party and twit with each other all the time!) he did an interview with Elle Magazine, and the reporter asked him why does he always wear shades. He said "because I don't want everyone looking into my soul" I thought that was an interesting quote....but my mind couldn't help but wonder to the time when I was dating a guy we shall call Brooklyn. Brooklyn always told me he could tell what I was really thinking just by looking into my eyes. Eyes have a mysterious way of conveying the truth, one of my homies told me "I can tell whether or not a girl is really enjoying sex, just by looking into her eyes, all the screaming and back scratching can be faked, but the eyes you can't fake it." Damn, those beautiful brown eyes of mine and yours!

April 11, 2009

back 2.0

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh back back back i know people ive been off it.. after moving out of my apartment, loosing friends, fighting, vacations... im back!! :) time to start blooging again

April 9, 2009