April 17, 2009


As usually I was having another hilarious conversation with my twin...."you look like can cook" we both start laughing uncontrollably as we reminisced over memories of one the nights we decided to paint the town black! The game that men try to spit it unbelievable, but that's what a guy who we shall "Krazzzy" said to my twin. The conversation goes on and my twin says "some dude once told me I looked like a freak" once again the laughter ensued. She asked him how was that possible he said "I can tell, just by looking into your eyes." I told my twin "that's why I wear shades!" Once again we started laughing, but I told her it's true.
Eyes are the gate way to the soul! Eyes have a way of telling what you're really thinking. Diddy (in my mind we are bff's and we party and twit with each other all the time!) he did an interview with Elle Magazine, and the reporter asked him why does he always wear shades. He said "because I don't want everyone looking into my soul" I thought that was an interesting quote....but my mind couldn't help but wonder to the time when I was dating a guy we shall call Brooklyn. Brooklyn always told me he could tell what I was really thinking just by looking into my eyes. Eyes have a mysterious way of conveying the truth, one of my homies told me "I can tell whether or not a girl is really enjoying sex, just by looking into her eyes, all the screaming and back scratching can be faked, but the eyes you can't fake it." Damn, those beautiful brown eyes of mine and yours!

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