April 22, 2009

you might be a groupie!

I came across the from another blog and I just had to repost it lmao lmao....shout outs to Aries Jones my fellow ATLien!

I'm quickly learning that rappers and celebrities aren't the only people that can receive groupie love. Even your average everyday Joe can get the attention of groupies. The trick is being able to distinguish one's groupie from genuine fans. The word groupie has been defined as a person who seeks sexual and/or emotional intimacy with a celebrity or other authority figure. Therefore, in terms of everyday life, I would define a groupie as someone who seeks the company and /or companionship with a person of high reputation. For example, the hot girl on campus would be considered a person of high reputation and the people who make it their mission to see her or be seen with her would be her groupies.

Be careful not to mistake a groupie for a fan and vice versa. A groupie wants to be around someone because of their status but a true fan wants to be around someone because they're genuinely interested in who they are. A fan doesn't care about your reputation or level of popularity.

The one time a fan can be considered a groupie is when their feelings are not returned by the person they admire. Most groupies find it hard to read the signs when someone is trying to show that they aren't interested. They confuse being annoying with being persistent. Constantly calling, texting, instant messaging, facebook wall writing, and poking are some of the groupie's main displays of annoyance.

Here are what I believe are a few criterion that can identify someone as a groupie:
1. If you're always the first one to make contact, you MIGHT be considered a groupie.
2. If you find yourself sending messages and never getting a response, you MIGHT be considered a groupie.
3. If you're more excited to see them then they are to see you, you ARE a groupie.
4. If you feel like you have to wait in line to get to the one you admire, you're PROBABLY a groupie.

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