February 13, 2009

This is the stuff that my dreams are made of..

currently in a happy place...
so i thought id post this video...
this is when videos were simple and amazing!!! here is my 1998 video pick of the week

i dont get down.. on the first night!



THIS IS A VERY DISTURBING STORY,,,, so instead of witting anything just please click the damn link!!!! ahhhh man WTF!!


Friday Night Snack....


Happy Valentines day to me!!

the hottest thing on the block

two of my favorite things in one.. MOVIE AND SOME FRESH SNEAKERS!! the 2009 movie Coroline has the illest deal going on!! take a look and then ill explain..

THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE.. I REPEAT THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE!... but you can actually win these! here is what you have to do: go to the movies buy a ticket to see the movie (trailer at bottom) wait.. be patient . wait until the credits are done and then you will be given a code. when you get that code.. take it down and go home.. log in http://www.coraline.com/ click the house.. find little C's room and there should be something for you to click to enter the code you found!!! once that is done.. then you wait!! and then one day there will be a winner and some fucker fucker will be the proud owner of these beauties! ENJOY


she always comes correct...one of my favs on the album


MUAHAHAHA happy friday bitches!

February 12, 2009

Blackberry curve 2.0


ahhhh i have waited like a fein waiting on the corner for my daily morning dose of vitamin C!! blackberry and i have..we have a past! i became a member of the black berry family two years ago. loved loved loved my phone but the... tmobile had to come out with the damn G1 phone. and me being a pimp and my phones being my hoes.. i had to get this new white one!!! and i did.. and lets just say... yeaaaaaa im back to my first hoe.. my first love.. the blackberry! ahhh feels good to be back... BBm? whats your pin #??


If my manager insults me again I will be assaulting him
After I fuck the manager up then I'm gonna shorten the register up
I've been workin' this graveshift and I ain't made shit
I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky


i must say i seriously hate my job. they are a bunch of assholes! now i know every one says "well be happy you have a job with times like this" this is very true. but i do not want to be miserable! its like the job gods up above hate my guts!!! arrrrrrrgh balls!

currently listening to : Camron's "i hate my job"

February 9, 2009

SMDH... My feelings about Chris brown and Rihanna

Now anyone who knows me knows I cannot STAND Rihanna's ass... But I do not (as a fab chick) condone violence against women of ANY kind so I'mma say this now... Chris you wrong man... Whatever she did you shoulda just walked away... if she wanted to walk her ass home, drive the fuck off... but call a cab to pick her up 5 mins later... she aint worth your career...
Now I Regina G is officially on Team Chris for this one... and here are my reasons (and i don't care if you agree or not), and they are based on facts that I have researched about this situation.
First of all according to sources close to the couple Rihanna has been violant to chris in the past and has struck him several times... Chris also has a hot temper but so far i'm not hearing anything about him hitting her before.
Second, I hear from the grapevine that Chris was trying to break up with her and she wasnt having it so she exploded and stormed outta the car... Chris followed to try to get her to come back in the car... after that idk... shit happens...
And finally Chris Brown is my best friend (in my head)and I feel as though he needs my prays more so than Rihanna right now...
I truly believe that they can do bad all by themselves... they need to break up for good... AND RIHANNA STOP TEXTING HIM... if he laid you out that's a sign that hes no good for you... CHRIS DON'T ANSWER, if she gonna cling on to u like jock itch and accuse you of cheating every minute she aint worth it... ya'll too young for this Bullshit...


February 5, 2009

random lol

at work.. not working!! dude.... !!! "some body should of told u im a fucking rock star"

sugar to my head

one of my fav little groups... SWEET RUSH! originally from Mogadishu Somalia, raised in Canada, the sister duo is bringing something different to the table. Iman & Siham then moved to ATL and starting working hard! they are so adorable! i really like their music it reminds me of girl groups from the 80s /90s peep their video


remember this bullshit...

im not going to lie... this is when BET was actually good and actually had shows worth watching!! ahhh man i miss teen summit :(

Lyrics of the day

i was cleaning this morning and this song came up on my playlist and my great grand mother asked me who was this... so i simply turned the music up and let it play..

How can I love somebody else
If I can't love myself enough to know
When it's time,
Time to let go

All I really want
is to be happy
And to find a love that's mine
It would be so sweet

she craves affection.. so i use protection

ive been waiting for this.. i love Chester french.. and being down with star track and kanye.. you know its pure greatness.!! my fav song thus far and one of the best groups



while everyone is getting knocked up.. i want something even better, something that does not talk back.. something that will love me, follow me and does every thing i say, and no im not talking about those fake baby dolls im talking about a.... PUPPY!! i WANT A dog so bad , i am an animal lover and in my lifetime i want at least 3 dogs and here is the first one..

i am obsessed with bull dogs!!! I WANT ONE isnt he cute?? you can find these lil fuckers at dailypuppy.com

super bowl commercial

this is my new fav commercial ... oh how its true.. but honestly .. it sucks because no one can find jobs in this shitty economy.. am i lying?

the livest one from bedford Stuyvesant

01. Notorious B.I.G - Intro
02. Shakespeare - KingsCounty (Brooklyn Bullshit Anthem)
03. biggie spittin at 12
04. biggie - music video box freestyle
05. biggie - soul power197 rhymes
06. Fulton St. battle at 17
07. big daddy kane & jayz - bday party freestyle 9-10-91
08. biggie - guranteed raw
09. big daddy kane/kool g rap - raw (demo)
10. jay-z/sauce money - rippin it up
11. big daddy kane - aint no half steppin (demo)
12. biggie - blind alley freestyle (demo)
13. biggie-i love you (teenage recording)
14. biggie - dont love no hoe
15. jay-z/sauce money - nothing but love (demo)
16. biggie - biggie got the hype shit (demo)
17. big daddy kane - raw attitude (unreleased)
18. jay-z - high powered (at age 17)
19. jay-z/sauce money - broken english & drug selling (demo)
20. notorious big - party and bullshit (extended version)
21. biggie - 16 bars at the lyrical lounge in 1993
22. jay-z - whats in a name (demo)
23. big daddy kane - sing my song (unreleased)
24. jay-z - pass the roc
25. big daddy kane - set it off (unreleased remix)
26. big daddy kane - for your own concern (demo)
27. biggie - childhood rhymes
28. jay-z - greatest mc (demo)
29. biggie/sadat x - come on (1st take demo version)
30. biggie - niggaz bleed
31. notorious big - big millionaire (unreleased verse)