February 13, 2009

the hottest thing on the block

two of my favorite things in one.. MOVIE AND SOME FRESH SNEAKERS!! the 2009 movie Coroline has the illest deal going on!! take a look and then ill explain..

THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE.. I REPEAT THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE!... but you can actually win these! here is what you have to do: go to the movies buy a ticket to see the movie (trailer at bottom) wait.. be patient . wait until the credits are done and then you will be given a code. when you get that code.. take it down and go home.. log in http://www.coraline.com/ click the house.. find little C's room and there should be something for you to click to enter the code you found!!! once that is done.. then you wait!! and then one day there will be a winner and some fucker fucker will be the proud owner of these beauties! ENJOY


keeko banxx said...

thopse are sweet .

RiekaBaby said...

Those Coraline dunks are DOPE!!