January 13, 2009

man it feels good to be a gangster

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck shit ballls! im so damn pissed. well first you should know.. i hate my job!!! like hate it, and every where i go it seems to follow me,,, not so much hate my job.. i dislike the people who i work with! they all seem so fake. every one at work is all buddy buddy hey lets go get shit faced after work type people. dont get me wrong theres a few people i get a long with but then theres that bunch i hate! aka my superior! so yesterday I WAS WRITTEN UP!!! little ol me! awwwwh man im pissed because no one at work communicates with me they all assume shit and worse part like a fuck face i signed the paper! why did i do it? why was i written up you ask?? who fucking knows but i tell you this they can all suck a big mean one!! oh dear god i pray i dont go postal in that bitch!

lol so last night i was so pissed i got cooked and watched one of my favorite movies "office space" if you haven't seen it please help your self and enjoy the comedy. and this scene explains my feelings.. enjoy lovers

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