January 13, 2009

JUMP OFF joe breezy- jerseys finest

soooo i have a new obsession! hi my name is key key and i am obsessed with JOE BUDDEN TV! yes i admit it! im gone! yo i swear he needs his own show on tv! man joe makes me laugh.. and you the saying "if you can make a girl laugh you can make her do any thing" im even quoting this dude.. he so personable and i always feel like hes talking to me.. his voice makes me excited in my pants! and every one loves his girl! check joe out at joebuddentv.com or if your a youtube fein like me you can just type in joe budden tv and he will come up.. heres a new jump of hoe for the new year.. PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE.. enjoy..

heres another fav of mines

this brings the lol's

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