May 2, 2009

When you have no career .. do PLAYBOY lol

do you want to see her naked?

well neither does the normal population. apparently media whore Heidi Montag will be posing for playboy soon. why? shes posing but not posing nude.. last time i checked shes always talking about jesus and how much she rides for jesus.. i dont think JC would be to proud of her. dont get me wrong im not judging , i just do not want to see this girl on another cover.. but then again i will say this her and her annoying husband,, you know the one with the flesh color beard,.. they are great media whores and seem to be making tones of money

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iTGirLcHellZz said...

i couldn't have said it better myself.... thats always the 1st thing she says in the morning on twitter... jesus this, jesus tht... im not judging either... but if ur gonna be so open about it.. ur actions should match... but i guess when they flash tht green in front of them.. whatever jesus thinks about it doesnt matter =/