July 14, 2009

Fly Gear

One Word: stupidopefresh
a new twist on the standard Timberland construction boot...must admit I LOVES IT!


Max Gibson said...


I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate your blog. You cover so much information that people can truly learn from.

I especially appreciate your support of Ghetto nation. I was unaware of it previously, but is an important read for us in America today.

I like the fashion and music sense you have as well. I laughed when material girl started playing.

Keep up the great work! I'm a fan.


Max Gibson

Max Gibson said...

I'll have to check this book out definitely. Thank you so much for the insight. I'd like to find a way to present the pertinent ideas of the book to my readers so it'd be nice to work something out. Shoot me an email if you're interested.

Max Gibson

ThinkGoHard said...

I dont see the change? fill me in...

lexxie said...

Instead of regular laces, the laces are dookie rope chains