September 24, 2009

L-ve Letters

I was cleaning out my dresser drawers the other day when I stumbled upon a l-ve letter that an ex-l-ver had written me. It was cute and simple, it was laced with bittersweet words that reminded me of a happy time. As I stood there reading the letter I couldn't help but think...are L-VE letters obsolete? In this modern day and age do we as people still use pencil and paper? Everything today is done via technology. If someone wants to break up with you, it's through a text, email, or voicemail. No more let's meet at a bistro and discuss this face to face. My question to you is has technology made people become p-ssies or pushovers?

Let's be honest, when you want to talk to someone, you don't pick the phone and dial the numbers, you pick up the phone and send them a text, bbm, aim, facebook message..etc. The list could go on for days. No picks up the phone anymore and actually dials a number and actually talks to another human being. Maybe I'm old fashion, but every now and then I like to hear a person's voice, plus sometimes I'm too lazy to do all that texting and crap.

What's your thoughts peeps about technology making people p-ssies?

The late great Aaliyah said it best...

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