January 6, 2010

in lust!

have you ever wanted someone so bad... but you couldn't have them to your self? that shit hurts. ive been fighting for the longest time with my feelings and these mutha fuckers are taking over. now as some of you may know the old me was living the single life.. heartbroken from the past but never bitter.. wasn't ready to give my heart away and i loved it! but then i met HIM! and boy i tell ya. he chased me and it turned me on.. and i fell... boy i fell hard, hes been around for 8 months and i love the time we have spent together but at the end of the day hes not MINE! and im not sire if he will ever be and it hurts my black little heart! i never felt this way for anyone i think its because i feel like he is the boy half of me! idk what to do guys and idk how to feel all i no it this shit hurts...... ahhhhhh this was the only place i can express myself guys! everyone says go with the flow but how long can i go with this.. and yes i believe titles are not that important.. but what if theres other girls? oh god i have to go my mind is cluttered :(

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