September 25, 2008

Hungry Anyone??

A few new details about series number 3:-Designs have been turned up a notch + bringing some ghoulish, familiar faces to the kitchen table.-Better box design + construction.-More hidden gems.-These will NOT be available online, only in Boston + LA.-4 designs. 1 colorway of each. 150 total of each. Split between both Boston + LA = 75 pieces per design. Split between sizes and genders = only a handful to a dozen of each size, per gender, per design.-Every t-shirt will have a silk screened number on the back, to guarantee authenticity.-Each box will be hand numbered.-Each box will be equipped with different hidden trivia pertaining to the limited monster inside.-A vanilla frosting scented scratch 'n' sniff sticker will be on top of each box.-When opening up your sealed box, you will have to dust real sprinkled off of your sealed t-shirt.-We are encouraging every customer to DRESS UP in your best costumes.-Real cupcakes + beverages will be given out the night of.-A special gift will be given out to the first 100 customers.-Photos + video webisodes will be taken at both releases.-These will sell out. We encourage you to arrive early.- All of this and more for $75 per collectible product....other limited seasonal products will be available in store and online for around $35. -- and these will be released with some hoodies and a brand new website in the next couple weeks.But as far as the 4 collectible There's Something In The Cupcake Mix products go, you will have to attend the release in either Boston or Los Angeles. I will be at BOTH haha... I'm literally flying out to Los Angeles right after the Boston release. I'm content with feeling like zombie (seeing how it will go along with the theme of the releases.) I guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience.*Mark your calendars and re-post this info. I will see you there boys and ghouls! :::Insert Tales From The Crypt music here:::

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