June 25, 2009

Is he serious?

Tuesday morning, I'm sipping on my cup of green tea checking my facebook messages and I came across this message that had me throwing major shade to the sender of this message.

"are you back in town and if so we need for you and key key boom to be apart of this event By bring class and grace to the hip hop scene Volunteer's Needed For Jam Master Jay's Tribute Concert July 26,2009 At Harper Ferry"

I couldn't make this up if I wanted to, although I am very honored that he thought highly of us, but he doesn't know us! "grace and class" that tickled my fancy! What really had me rolling was the grammatical errors that he made but that's another topic for another day! The next time I recieve a request for my twin and I to come to an event I am going to ask for a fee!

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