June 8, 2009

JUST FOR THE LADIES..and some of you boys(you know who you are)

Put on mondays!so were going to put you on with some cute boys and their blogs.. enjoy ladies! dont ever say we didn't put you on. show them love and all that good ish! CALL THIS BOYS WITH BLOGS

FIRST let me put you on to my best friend,the big homie K.O. from brooklyn, and everyone knows theirs nothing like a brooklyn boy!hes so cute and very hump worthy (my made up sex word)! not sure if hes single.. but who cares! WE DONT! enjoy, hes new to the game so show him some love! http://www.vfaftv.blogspot.com

NEXT check out my brothers from Boston!THE KNUCKLE HEADS! this is one group where all the boys are bangable!(my made up sex word)a bunch a cuties and we all go way back. spec my brother SUPA! i luv him!their hilarious with their videos and the question of the day that they post weekly on facebook http://khztv.blogspot.com

LAST! ladies ladies ladies check out J.cole a new up and coming artist signed to Jay-z roc nation and need i say someone with true and real lyrics. such a cutie and so down to earth, met him in Miami.. he was my neighbor and i must say one of the coolest dudes you would ever meet! his boys were also peace we all cracked jokes in our lobby! ahh good times. http://dreamvillain.blogspot.com and http://dollarandadreamteam.blogspot.com


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dat boi with the black sweater look so sweet!!