October 18, 2008

Oooh... On a CupCake Glam Tip...

Sometimes when I'm sitting on the bus or train on my way to work, I'm asked if I do my own makeup, and/or how do you do that smokey blend look. Well I shall share with you how I do it...

Yes I do my own makeup 100% of the time

And this is how u execute the smokey eyes:

First put on whatever foundation you use, prime your eyelids, I like to use "Urban Decay primer potion" i find that it makes your shadow last longer and really makes it stand out. After you blend your primer in use a black eyeliner and line the top and bottom of your lids, next use a q-tip to smudge the line a little, u want it to look like you tried to wipe it off, but not too much.
Then using a black eye shadow (I recommend "Too Faced: Smokey Eye" they give you all the right colors) apply to your lids right under your "eyelid crease", then use a angled small brush, dip the brush into the black and re-line your bottom lid... smudge a little... then right above your "eyelid crease" apply a little grey eyeshadow, and then finally to complete the look right under your eyebrow apply silver eyeshadow.
When you finish this take a eyeshadow blending brush and in clockwise circular motion blend all three colors together (NEVER, blend towards the nose). Then apply 2 coats of mascara (I recommend this new one by cover girl called "Exact Eyelights... it really brightens your eye and make you feel like a cartoon character batting her lashes)... AND VOILA!!! Now don't you look hot...!

PS: You can do this with any color scheme, just remember darker colors on the bottom and lighter on top... And always blend...

Here's the regular smokey eye:

Here is a purple I played with:

Regina G

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can u do my makeup son! like im a lost cause