October 21, 2008

You Just Can't Win

Hello cupcake lickers, I just wanna give this video some shine. I was on Yahoo Music this morning catching up on music videos I haven't seen yet. And I noticed that Michelle Williams debuted her new music video "The Greatest" yesterday, its a cool video, you know... and I like Michelle (Tenitra) Williams. This song (at least for me) shows that she has some range to her voice that wasn't displayed in "slavery's child". But yet while Michelle's video is featured on the homepage of Yahoo Music it's not a recommend pick by Yahoo, and what is, you my ask? Beyonce's "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)" AND (and this hurts my heart for my girl Michelle) Ashanti's "Good Good"... *blank stare* wtf kinda world do we live in that anyone recommends someone to watch Ashanti do anything? I can't... So my faithful cupcake lickers lets give Tenitra some support...

Regina G

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