October 18, 2008

We'll just file this away in the "Bitch Stop Lying" file

Once again I gotta hold my head and ask why? why, lord? why do u direct me to these videos... So surfing MediaTakeOut.com I found this video of a girl living somewhere faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from Brooklyn who has tourettes syndrome and just cant seem to help herself from shouting "NIGGER!!"... Now if you ask me, it seems alil suspect... but thats just me... how do u feel? Key, and Lexxxie sound off too...


Regina G

1 comment:

key key said...

in 8th grade i had a priest at my school that had tourettes.. MASS was very interesting

now as for this one.... SMH!!!! im guessing it snot tourettes lmao nosir i pray it is.. and i pray they dont take a family vacation to brooklyn one day.. smh!