December 29, 2008

ben and Jerry's is calling me... my favorite you ask?? CINNAMON CINNABUN.. ummmm. im not an ice cream fan but this calls for some. ive been feeling kind of down lately.. maybe because Sally Fucking mae wont help me out!!! WTF i mean yea i know i have loans from undergrad.. but damnit help a sister out i mean yea i might be 70 when i pay off all my school loans.. but fuck it. and then people wonder why kids dont or cant go to school.. lower the fucking price and maybe the buildings may be overflowing.. fuck!!!! BALLLS!! PENISSSS!! im sorry when im upset i yell random sex words.... PUSSY!!


Anonymous said...

ahh i miss eating ben and jerry's, i got such sensitive teeth i just can't handle the cold :( grr.

anger torrets lOlz. ahhh man that sucks, im feeling u tho' ive been feeling real blah the last week just down right effin BLAH.

[$ H A R O N A] said...

maaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn FUCK SALLIE MAE!! yeah i said it.

KEY -KEY said...

shes a bastard! lol