December 15, 2008

Big Girls get down on the Floor

and it went a little something like this...

Co Worker: hey kia what size are you?
Me: come again
Co worker : your a size 8 right
Me: in shoes?
Co Worker: no silly in clothes
Me: why do you ask
Co Worker: were looking for models who are a size 8.. and your a size 8 right
Me: no i wish im no where near a size 8
Co Worker: oh wow and this whole time i thought you were a size 8.. wow


damn what a day! i mean i felt good because this girl thought i was a size 8 this whole time.. im not sure if thats a good thing but for me its an excellent thing.. im playing my numbers today and the lucky number is 8

fuck off!


JuiicyKisz said...

lmfaoo! yoooo i wouldn't be mad if someone thought my ass was a size 8 lol. i WISH someone would think some shit like that about me!!

KEY -KEY said...

peep.. im way bigger than a size 8!! lol so i kind of took it as a compliment but then that made me think.. my ass needs 2 loose weight!

Nana said...

Damn that's just messed up. Like who goes around suming up what size I wear, wit different sizes all these companies have, I don't know anymore. I'm prolly a 9/10/11/12/13 in jeans
small/med/large/ in shirts

and a 7/8/9/10 in shoes

like really?!