December 21, 2008

Jesus is my BFF

Dear cupcake luvers,
I know I've been AWOL for most of december, massa has been cracking to holiday whip pretty hard and i've been super tired... But this sweet clip that I have brought me back to life... OK lemme set the sceen for you. It friday night around 9pm and I'm on the downtown A train heading home from a long ass shift, when this HOT ass guy gets on and i'm looking at him like DAMN (ALL CAPS BROUGHT TO U TODAY BY LEXXIE AND KANYE), he was puerto rican and 6'3 of pure sexiness... UNTIL he opens his mouth and begins to preach... I kid you not he stands up on the crowded train and says "the devil will make you think its ok to be a homosexual, and drink all night... but the devil is a liar" so i thought of all of you and made this video... for obvious reasons i couldnt hold my cell phone up... (ITS FUCKING 9PM IN BROOKLYN)...skip to the :35 mark to hear him clearly

And just when I think hes finish THIS HAPPENS!!!

I didn't know WHAT THE HELL TO DO... I WAS DYING it took every fab fiber in my body NOT to piss my pant laughing... maaaaaaan ONLY IN BROOKLYN!



[$ H A R O N A] said...

girrrrl in chicago too!

Piing said...

That was some funny iish