December 29, 2008

Sunday Night movie

i no its monday... but hey every sunday im always laid up in bed.. why?? because sunday is my favorite day of the week. and they play the best movies. GIRL INTERRUPTED
a great movie. i dont know why i have an intrest in movies like this. also add ONE FLEW OVER THE COO COO'S NEST. MESSAGE! ne who this movie is a great watch its about writer Susanna kaysen, who writes about her stay in a mental hospital in the 1960s.. true story. it so great so i thought id share my favorite quotes with you from this movie:

1)Susanna: You don't want me, Tony.
Tony: Yes I do, baby.
Susanna: No, you don't. I'm... a crazy girl.
Tony: You're crazy so we can't have one night of bliss?
Susanna: I am a crazy girl. Seriously.
Tony: You've been in a hospital?
Susanna: Yes.
Tony: Do you see purple people? My friend, he saw purple people. And so the state came and took him away. He didn't like that. Some time went by and, and he told 'em he didn't see purple people no more.
Susanna: He got better.
Tony: Nah, he still sees 'em.

2)Susanna: Am I in trouble for kissing an orderly, or giving my boyfriend a blowjob?

3)Susanna: What kind of sex isn't casual?
Lisa: We are very rare and we are mostly men.
Janet: Lisa thinks she's hot shit cause she's a sociopath.
Cynthia: I'm a sociopath.
Lisa: No, you're a dyke


Elise. said...

i didnt know it was a movie too.
thought it was just a book.
i want to see it

KEY -KEY said...

an excellent movie