December 11, 2008


SO i am going to be on vacation this week.. EHHH so i thought i would chat up my pick for this weeks sunday movie. SUNDAY MOVIE: the definition is, sunday is my favorite day of the week. its the day i watch football, stay in bed and watch all types of movies. so my pick is CLUELESS!

this movie came out in 1995 when i was in the 5th grade. i was and still am obsessed with this movie. written and directed by AMy Heckerling, the genius behind FAST Times at Ridgemont high. i was such a little geek i thought i was so cool. i wanted to be cheer and i would go to school dressed like her and even talked like her. this movies brings back oh so many memories.. ahhhhh thanks nana for taking me to see such an awesome PG-13 movie :)

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