December 18, 2008

Hey cupcakers it's the one and only ms lexxie checking in!! I know it's been a while but I'm back!!! Anyways my addiction to youtube has caused me to go into a room and shut the blinds but that's another story but another day!!! Now I'm not a fan of Bush, I think he totally fucked it up for everyone. Anyways I am a fan of Barney now that's my bitch, no pun intended. Barney is the type of bitch to bite the shit out you if you get too close and that's what I like about Barney he don't play! While I watching this video I was crying and I could not help it, I was laughing so hard!!!

Barney is a gangsta bitch who doesn't dream of winning the Olympics but rather fucking up his owner!!! Barney wants to smoke a L and record a George Bush pt.2 feat. Lil Wayne!!! Enjoy because I know I did!!!

peace and chicken grease!!!
lexxie xxx0!

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Carmando said...

this was the single most painful thing I've ever watched!!